Your Baby’s Teething

By | May 7, 2019

If your baby cries a lot at the age of 6-7 months, you might want to check for new teeth. The process is painful, when the teeth are breaking through the gums. Be sure to support your baby, as it does not understand that this is a necessary and temporary stage.

Teeth are very important for all humans and animals. We need them to chew and process food, in order to enable our body to take up the nutrients in the food. Teething in itself is not a pleasant process. Even if we do not remember our first teething, you might remember when you had your milk teeth replaced or had a wisdom tooth growing.

Most babies get their first teeth when they are 1 year old, sometimes bit earlier. The first teeth recoding showed up when the baby was 3 month, other had to wait until the baby was 1,5 years. You do not have to wait for the teething to start in order to feed the baby solid food. Chewing is just as much fun with our without teeth at this stage of life.

The teeth usually emerge in a particular sequence. The first tooth appears in the lower jaw. Then the lower front will come, followed by the upper front teeth, expanding into the corners and finally tiny molars in the back. At the age of 2 years, all 20 milk teeth should have arrived.

Dental development and baby teething are inherited, so ask your parents about your stage and you will know when you baby starts teething.

Baby teething is usually painful. Early symptoms include abundant salivation and sleep problems. You baby might start to drool. Most important, the pain can start a month or two before. During this period, the baby might start to bite.

A tip for easing the baby’s pain is to buy a teething ring – which can easily be substitutes through a soft toy. You can also put the teething ring in the freezer for a while before giving it to the baby, as this might cool the gums down. It is not unusual that the gums swell at this point of the teething process.

As soon as the first tooth appears, you need to start brushing them, morning and at bedtime. Do not give the baby any sweets, as this will ruin their teeth. Also, avoid snacking between meals.

Once all teeth are there, you need to take the baby to the dentist.

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