Your Baby’s Sight

By | May 9, 2019

Even though that your baby will open its eyes right after birth, it sights is vastly underdeveloped. In the beginning the baby reacts to light and the absence of light, but it is not until the age of 1 month when the baby can distinguish things. And it takes even longer for the baby to understand what it sees.

A baby can see already when it is born, unlike other animals such as kittens, which are blind the first days of their life. A newborn baby‘s sight is quite blurred and it can only distinguish light, shapes and movements. Baby sight is in the first few days restricted to 20-30 cm length. This means that a baby cannot really take in and interpret any images themselves.

In some cases, babies are born with visual impairment. This is often discovered early and will also be corrected early. There is no need for worry, as most babies are not struck by any chronic or dangerous illnesses that obstruct its sight forever. If your baby has vision problems, it is very important see an ophthalmologist. These specialized doctors can help you in correction the baby’s vision and also advise you on how to trigger the brain and eye development so that the baby does not fall behind on its learning curve.

Warning sign for babies include: white irises, the baby’s head is tilted in strange angles in order to enable the child to see clearly and the baby cannot see small things even if they are right in front of her/him.

Sight is used to take in information and impressions from the outside world as the baby grows. A baby’s sight is becoming sharper in the first months and the brain development of the baby allows early interpretation of things when the baby is about 8 months old.

Before that age, your baby can see and follow movements with its eyes. This task can already be performed when the child is 1 month old. At 2 months, it can distinguish colors and shapes.

Around 4 months your baby begins to have depth perception – this means that it realizes that some things are further way and therefore smaller and that objects close by are bigger. When the baby is about 5 months it will be able to see very small things, and follow moving objects with his eyes. At 8 months of age can now recognize people and other objects.

When the child is around 4 years it can see almost as good as an adult.

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