Working or Stay-at-Home?

By | May 9, 2019

With a baby at home, you naturally think about your career. Should you stay-at-home or keep working? There are pro’s and con’s to both sides and the most important thing is that you have to do what you really want. The economic situation is certainly a major factor as well, but when planned well, even this obstacle might be overcome.

Spending crucial quality time with your baby or deciding to go for your own career – that is usually the crossroad you are standing at. In the beginning, take it easy. If you are the mother of the child, you will naturally have time off for concentrating on your baby. If you are the father of the child you will have days of as well for spending more time with the new family member. This means that you can decide more over the time and push of the decision for a while.

If you choose to stay-at-home, and this goes for mums as well as dads, is that you have more time to focus on your baby but also to socialize with friends who also have children and take some real time of your work. You might be able to concentrate on any side projects that you always have wanted to do and really follow your child’s development.

The sad thing is that your economic situation might get worse and you might even lose a bit of the social contact when you stay-at-home with children. You may also feel more tired than usual with a newborn child; you have to go up both regular and irregular times at night to comfort the little baby. You might also get the feeling that you do everything around the house; all chores might fall upon you. If you have that feeling, have a discussion with your spouse about it and you will feel that you share the responsibility.

If you decide to keep on working, you will most certainly not have any financial problems. If your spouse decides to stay-at-home be sure to support him/her with being responsible when at home. Being in a working situation will also cause you to concentrate on other issues than the new family member. So be sure to focus entirely on your family when you are at home.

Downsides to working are that you might miss important progress in your baby’s life. Things as the first step or even the first time your baby has a real meal, seem very crucial for the parents. Try to compensate this by spending s much time as possible with your family when you are not working. Be sure to let work be work and let free time be fun time with your family. Your spouse and baby will certainly appreciate this.

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