When Should My Baby Start Walking?

By | May 10, 2019

First, your baby can walk one step or two while you hold it. Then it can take a step on its own. Still unbalanced, but there it is. And soon you child will run around like you have never seen it before.

When a baby takes its first step is a great moment and so exciting in the parent’s life. And also in the baby’s life. It usually occurs around 1 year of age, but some children begin learning to walk already at 10 months of age.

The first steps are taken on unsteady legs and the baby often lifts the arms to increase the balance. After a few months or so, the balance has become better and the child odes no longer need his arms.

In order to start the baby walking, children often sit up, try to get up and fall down. This is a natural process and nothing will stop the baby from trying. Be sure to be there and encourage it, as some of the falling might hurt the baby and it might need to be comforted.

When the baby learns walking, its muscles and coordination will increase much during the first months. This means that the baby can learn to walk, crawl and stand. The balance it the actual tricky thing and it needs a lot of practice. In order to get better balance, the baby holds on to various things while walking. A table, someone’s legs, a chair or even the dog. The baby will use everything that is in the right height for baby walking support.

A baby is usually able to walk properly without any major problems when they are about 18 months old. They now even master stair with a little help from their parents (nothing that should be encouraged too much though, as stairs are a danger for babies).

When the child turns three years, it is almost as good as an adult.

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