When Should My Baby Start Talking

By | April 2, 2019

In the beginning, they are just random syllables. And then, then, there is the first precious word. Soon there will be whole sentences and your baby will never stop to talk. It is so fun when your baby has started to say if something so incomprehensible.

Baby talking is a much-debated issue. The parents sometimes so desperately want to hear a word that they accept whatever the baby says. But encouragement is important in order to make the baby develop its talk.

A baby begins to understand a single word when it is between 8 and 10 months of age, such as father, mother, and baby food. The first thing a child can get out of the sound wave is not real words, but more squeaky sound. Babies make sounds when they want to communicate with the mother and father, or perhaps with siblings and even pets.

When the baby is about a year and a year and a half he/she speaks so-called one-word sentences. Baby talking in this stage means that he/she uses only one word to explain or express concern. Your baby will soon start to use body language and even different tones of its voice in order to her/himself understood.

Encourage you baby along the way. Baby talking is in the beginning repetition of what the parents say, so be sure to talk to the baby and support it.

When your child is around 2 years and older, it can understand speak about 200 words you will be able to understand the baby and its need better. Here, training is needed in order to support the baby talking. Talk a lot with your baby and read to her/him. Look at a picture book and play with the child. Point out different things and expand its vocabulary this way.

Other fun things, is to train articulation with your baby by looking at pictures of animals and then imitate them. Young children think that this is fun and it helps them develop their speech and way of understanding.

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