When Should My Baby Start Crawling?

By | May 13, 2019

Baby crawling is an exciting sport for you and your baby. The baby has now become very mobile and you really need to take care of it, in order to prevent anything dangerous from happening. If you have not childproofed your house, this is the time to do it.

Crawling is the pre-stage to walking. Once the baby is able to sit up, it will turn itself over and try to crawl on its stomach. Soon it will discover that with the help of its hands and feet, it can move forward. Most babies are aged 6-10 month when they start to crawl.

Usually, all babies learn to crawl by simply twisting the body and push with its feet. The baby will soon recognize that it can lift itself with the hands and that this, when stabilized this position, is an even faster crawling mode. Many babies also use a pull-and-slide-method: they grab everything and pull themselves forward with their arm power. Most commonly used are doorsteps, as these can be used for pulling both forwards and backwards.

The most common method though is that the baby soon finds out that it can push away with the knees and actually stand on all fours (pets, such as dogs and cats, make good examples for the baby at this stage). This is the fastest baby crawling mode. It gives the baby a lot of flexibility and the baby in itself is very curious and goes everywhere.

When the baby starts crawling you need to keep an eye out for it every single second. Some babies are slower than others, but most are excited over their newfound speed and take full advantage of this. They slide away – and if you have not made the house childproof by now, this is the day when you have to do it. A baby does not understand the difference between crawling on a flat ground or in the staircase!

Baby crawling is a very important step in the baby’s development. You need to encourage your baby all the way, and support every kind of crawling mode that it tries out. Just be sure that there is nothing where the baby can bounce it head – as it of course goes headfirst everywhere and cannot calculate any dangers.

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