When Should My Baby Sit Up?

By | April 1, 2019

Sitting up is the step in between lying down and starting to walk. This is an important step in the baby’s life, as it will train its muscles and get a totally different fell for the world. Also, it will soon discover that it can crawl; all this from the upright sitting position.

As a parent you need to support your child when it makes its first attempts to sit up. You will feel excited as well, since all things you baby accomplishes are steps forward in it development. Your task is to encourage and support your baby.

It is important not to force your baby to sit up too early. Your baby needs first to learn how to hold its head steady, or you will risk severe neck damage. This happens usually at the age of 4-5 months. The balance gets better for each day, and when the baby is between 6-7 month, most babies try their first sitting up attempts now. When approximately at 8 month, the baby should be able to sit without any help.

When the baby can sit freely, without aid, it will be more curious of the word around him/her and explore more with its hands. Put your baby on a blanket and be sure that is has things around him/her that will keep him/her busy. Otherwise he/she will easily be bored and may start to cry.

Be sure not to put your baby on any elevated areas and leave it alone. It can sit in the sofa, but only if it is put next to you and you have full control over it the whole time.

When the baby starts exploring its environment with its hand, be sure that you have a clean area around it and that there are no sharp or dangerous objects. Also, remember that the baby is a bit up now, and can reach things that are about 30 cm above the ground.

In order to speed up the sitting up process, you need to support your baby to develop. Talk to it, encourage it, and play with it. This will stimulate the baby’s mobility and muscle control.

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