Travel with Your Baby

By | April 4, 2019

A baby is very mobile. It will though need an entire bag full of stuff, in order to make the transition from A to B. Also, there are certain environments that are not healthy for your child. But this should not prevent you from traveling with your baby!

Thinking of going for a party trip to Mexico or the Canaries? Think again! Baby-friendly travel is about comfort and safety. You do not need to be overprotective as long as you use your common sense.

When you are on holiday or day trip with the family, there are some things that need to be fixed before the actual trip. Be sure to plan the trip and unless you are visiting relatives make sure that the destination is appropriate for your baby. The hotel needs to have pool for babies, maybe offer babysitting service on the evenings, make special baby food etc. Also, the environment itself should be healthy and clean. No cockroaches, no unclean water and no hygiene and sanitation facilities are a big no no for parents with a young baby.

Another thing to fix before the trip actually starts is the equipment for the baby. Will you bring the baby carrier or the stroller? Is the diaper bag ready or do you need additional supplies? Do we have all clothes and the favorite toy? Do we need something against motion sickness? Be sure to try to pack as light as possible, as you will carry a lot anyway.

When traveling by train or air, most stations have a nursery room. Here you can change your baby in a quiet space. Parents with young babies might have preferred access to lounges or board the plane on beforehand.

Remember that new places might scare your baby, so you need to be close all the time. Try to create a comfort zone for your baby, as this will make the traveling go much easier. Try and stick to the same routines when it comes to feeding, sleeping and paying, as this will ensure the baby further that everything is normal.

When going to more exotic places, be sure to see a doctor for medical advice prior to leaving. You might need to get immunization shots for all, including the baby, and they might be certain restrictions.

Have a nice trip!

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