Social Development of Your Baby

By | May 3, 2019

It is important that your baby not only develops physically but also emotionally and socially. Baby social development is all about learning how to communicate with others, being able to show what the baby want and does not want and getting its own ideas.

The social development of a baby is very interesting. When the motor skills become finely tunes and the talk is adjusted as well, you will find that your baby start to socialize heavy with others.

Your baby starts its social development as soon as it gets born and works on them until it is about three years old. Of course, general social development takes place during every stage of our life, but this is when the basic is laid.

It is during these years that the baby learns to respond and adapt to the people around her/him, especially to the parents, You will become your baby’s best friend and the person that he/she will turn to when he/she needs some comfort, closeness, food or any other item.

The social development of your baby will also become obvious by the age of two years, as it will start to play and have fun with other children. Your baby will be very curious of other creatures of its size and age, but always keep an eye on them, as babies have no restrictions when it comes to doing harmful things. This does not imply that your baby automatically does dangerous things to other babies, but rather points out that it might, out of pure joy, throw something at the other baby, which in turn will make that baby sad.

Also, the baby does not understand the difference between what are yours and mine. If you give it a toy, it will think that it is his/hers, and when you want to take it back your baby can start to scream or cry and refuse to let go of the toy. This kind of social development is the cause for most conflicts on the playground. The baby will gradually learn the difference and when it is about three years old it will have the ability to share things with others.

Another part of social development is to imitate others. You will soon notice that this sometimes happens on pure automatic – when you feed the baby and you open your mouth, than the baby will automatically open its mouth too. The same goes for any other movements or behavior. Therefore, it is true that your child will imitate what you do – even bad behavior. The child cannot distinguish between good and bad in the early stage of social development.

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