Sleep During Pregnancy

By | May 16, 2019

Some pregnant women lay awake most of the night. This could be due to bladder problems or sore hips or back. You might also starts snoring during your pregnancy or get an uneven rhythm of the day. All this has an impact on your sleep during pregnancy.

Pregnancy often causes bad sleep because of snoring or feeling sick. These problems can get worst if you had bad sleeping habits already before the pregnancy. Ending habits such as smoking and drinking make it harder for you to fall asleep (there is no excuse for keeping this bad habits though, as they are extremely harmful for the baby). Use pregnancy as a motivation to stop use cigarettes and alcohol. Another thing to not using is coffee, tea and cola drinks, those drinks containing caffeine. Try to avoid these drinks all afternoon and evening.

The temperature is also affecting your sleep. Have a cooler temperature in the bedroom, and your sleep will automatically improve. Be sure to put out all the lights and shut the windows, as any ray of light may disturb your pregnancy sleep.

Many women, or couples for that matter, lay awake at night and plan. So much need to be done and so little time…this anxiety is not helping you go to sleep. When in bed, forget about all the chores, put it off to the morning after. After all, planning is much easier when you have had a good night’s sleep!

If you cannot sleep, walk for a moment and perhaps read a book or magazine or go for a walk. Activate yourself for 20-30 minutes and do something completely different. This might help you wind down and relax. Many couples forget that you actually need to wind down. You can, after coming home from work, eat a peaceful and quiet dinner and relax with your partner, maybe cuddle on the couch along with a good movie. This will make you forget all stress that occurred during the day. Taking a bath is another example of things that you can do to relax.

Do you wake up in the middle of the night? Don’t worry! An interrupted sleep during the pregnancy is usually normal. Although it seems impossible to sleep through the whole night you will be able to create a sleeping routine that works for you.

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