Raising Twins or Multiples

By | April 14, 2019

Awaiting twins is a double joy. Awaiting multiples is like looking forward to a bundle of joy. But you also need to be more prepared than ever to welcome your new babies into the world, as paying attention to more than one baby is hard.

Having more than one baby is hard. It puts additional stress on your body – your bump on the belly will be bigger, you will weigh even more and you need to rest for a longer time.

Also, you need to plan and budget for twins and multiples. Not everyone can get as much media attention as the “Octomom” or “Jon and Kate Plus 8”, so you need to make sure that you have your finances set in other ways. Make a tight budget, as you will probably spend more than you think anyway. Some things are fine in singular: changing table, nursery, the gate for the stairs. Other things are needed in a double amount or in extra width: clothes, shoes, strollers, carriers, sheets, diapers…the list is long. But if you are prepared, your finances can all be planned to fit everything necessary in.

When born, twins and multiples need to be considered as two or more unique individuals. You will soon notice that each baby has its own personality. They might not share the taste in certain food, have different sleeping patterns etc. Like any other people in the world, they will be alike but all different.

It might be easy for parents to dress them alike and think of them as persons with the same personality. Nothing could be more wrong and remember to strengthen and support them on their own, and not together. Dress them according to their own personality, and not just in the same clothes because it is conveniently.

Each child needs to be seen for who he/she is. Twins and multiples make this issue harder, because you need to comfort both and telling them that they are equally unique. This might not be believed by the children. Be sure therefore that they have their own set of friends, their own hobbies etc. There is nothing wrong in them sharing an activity, but they might develop in different ways further down the road.

Otherwise, raise your twins or multiples just as you would raise one single baby. Provide love and comfort, be there and give support whenever needed. Morals and values are the same, regardless of how many children you have. And as long as all children in the family feel safe and are loved, you have done a good job.

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