Pregnancy Week by Week

By | May 16, 2019

During pregnancy, the woman’s body will change. Every week, something new will happen and you will get closer to get to know your baby. Pregnancy is a very special situation, so be sure that you enjoy it.

Pregnancy is something that will change the woman’s body week by week. Different things are happening with the woman’s body and also with the developing fetus in the womb. Here is a rough list that will help you understand what the body and the baby go through week by week.

Week Development
1 The fetus is created when the sperm hits the egg. The fertilized egg will divide itself into an embryo and a placenta. The placenta will provide the food for the fetus. The baby itself is not created until close to the end of pregnancy week 1.
2 The fertilized egg makes its way to the womb and attaches itself to the womb.
3 Although this is the third pregnancy week, it is counted as the first week of the fetus.
4-5 This is a safe time to take a pregnancy test.
6-7 This is when you might experience mood changes. The fetus is now between 4-8 mm.
8 Morning sickness it not uncommon. The fetus is roughly 9-14 mm and trapped in amniotic fluid.
9 The fetus is between 15-22 mm long and weighs 0,5 gr.
10 The woman will feel additional tiredness and even pains in her breast. The fetus is now 45 mm long. It will now decide what sex it will be.
12 The fetus is now as big as the mothers little finger.
18 The woman will slowly grow wider in the stomach area. The fetus is about 17 cm.
26 You will now be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat. The rate is about 170 beats per minute. You will also be more aware of your baby’s personality.
35 The baby is now lying in the right birthing position. It is about 47 cm and weighs about 2,6 kg.
40 The estimated date of birth. The woman will feel more pain and have severe troubles sleeping.
41-42 It is not uncommon that the estimated date of birth is not figured out correctly. You are in good hospital care and when too many days overdue, you will be helped giving birth.

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