Pregnancy Symptoms and Tests

By | May 16, 2019

Some women know the instant that they are pregnant; some women need a growing belly. And in some couples, it is the spouse who knows first, just because of the mood swings. When you think you are pregnant, there are some simple symptoms that you can check and also reliable tests to take. Be sure to take a test, because if you are pregnant, you will need professional help along the way.

Pregnancy symptoms
The first sign that you may be pregnant is a lost or delayed menstruation. You might even feel sick and noxious. Soon afterwards, the breasts will become swollen and sore. And as a result of all this and the growing baby inside you, you will also be more tired than usual.

Other symptoms include sensitivity to odors. You become more sensitive to certain smells, such as for example perfumes.

Some women feel that they need to go to the toilet more often than usual. This is due to the high amount of body fluids that will be produced in your body approximately six weeks after an insemination. So do not worry, this is only normal. Also, you can get small bleedings in the genital area one to two weeks after the insemination. If worried, seek professional health care.

Pregnancy Test
A pregnancy test can be bought in a pharmacy or in supermarkets. You can take a pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant, either through urine or blood tests. Urine tests are the most common way. You can do it at home or in a hospital.

Pregnancy tests that are taken with a urine tests may give misleading results, and sometimes you have to take a couple of tests before accepting the result. If you are planning on becoming pregnant, try to invest in a urine test that can be reused – this is an economical and environmentally friendly way!

Negative results in the urine pregnancy test can be due to the fact that you just had your period a little bit later than usual and the test does not pick up on the right things.

The safest way to take a pregnancy test is through blood tests but it is done only in hospitals and usually only if you have some medical reasons to quickly find out if you’re pregnant or not. Consult a professional on this; they will be able to help you with any pregnancy test.

If you experience any other symptoms than stated here or you are worried, please do not hesitate to seek medical advice. A health care professional is specially trained in spotting symptoms and caring out test and will certainly help you in this first phase of you pregnancy.

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