Pregnancy Food Guide

By | May 16, 2019

What to eat when you’re pregnant and what to avoid, this is always an important question. When you are pregnant, your appetite gets bigger because of the baby that needs energy. You also need to be sure that your diet is nutritious and that eat get all the vitamins and minerals needed.

When you’re pregnant you have to ensure that you get a nutritious diet and also that you eat regularly. It is also good to have a balanced diet, and totally avoid dieting when you’re waiting a baby. This can harm both you and your child. If you are afraid to gain too much in weight you can avoid sweets and unnecessary calories and eat regularly. During pregnancy, you should be careful not to take supplements, and always ask your doctor if you thinking about dieting.

Pregnancy food
Here are some basic tips for things to look out for during your pregnancy. What you eat is really important, as it affects the baby as much as you.

You should eat at regular times; avoid sweets if you do not want to gain too much in weight.

Eat fruit every day; this is healthy and good and they provide lot of vitamins.

Vegetables are also useful and there are many so that you simply can choose your favorites.

Eat fish a couple times a week; fish is rich in vitamin D and in some fat fish there is the healthy fat Omega 3. Remember that in a few types of fish, there’s mercury and you need to avoid these altogether. Consult at doctor or nutritionist for what will be best for you diet.

Be sure to eat enough things that give you energy: meat, eggs, lentils or any other source of protein is vital for any diet.

You also need extra minerals and vitamins when you during your pregnancy, because you’re two now that need food to function. Here are some of the most common vitamins and minerals needed. Be sure to consult professional help if you are on a special diet or have certain food preferences.

Iron is needed for the blood and blood production. Iron is naturally present in the liver, beans, and whole grain bread.

Folic acid is a B vitamin needed for fetal development and your own blood formation during the pregnancy.

Vitamin D helps the body to take up valuable calcium.

Calcium is needed for the child’s bones and teeth shall grow.

Iodine is good for both your baby and you. It protects the body. A simple thing is to use kitchen salt with iodine.

And last but not least: avoid alcohol, smoking and any other drugs. Using any of these well affect you baby badly directly and might cause irreparable damage.

If you want to know more about good and healthy food for pregnant women ask your local doctor or pharmacy. There is also more information available online.

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