Pregnancy Activities Tips

By | May 16, 2019

Being pregnant, you might feel that you are too clumsy to do anything. Or you feel that you need to be really active in order not to gain too much weight. However, there are certain exercises that are not good for a pregnant woman. But most activities can be carried out as usual, despite the pregnancy.

Sport is good even if you are pregnant. You will get more strength and perhaps even will become happier, even if you some days will feel tired and have no lust it’s good to activate you self. Physical exercises will also help your body to relax and this will be relaxing for the mind.

Pay attention to the little things that you could ignore before the pregnancy such as feeling tired, sore or any pain. A pregnant woman often feels sharply tired in the early pregnancy because of the hormonal changes in the body. So it is important to listen to the body and rest when you are tired, instead of going to the gym.

Be prepared that an activity that feels good one week may seem all wrong the following week. It is a natural consequence of things frequently changes in your body.

Benefits of exercise
There are many good things with keeping up your activity level during the pregnancy. To begin with, it will become easier for you to wear the growing belly. The pregnancy and the first months after birth make great demands on the body and regular exercise will give you higher energy levels. The better prepared you are physically; the better you feel and can go on with your everyday life.

Also, going to the gym or just walking are activities that can be performed together with your spouse. Being able to spend more time together and to enjoy the pregnancy is a real benefit for everyone.

Some activities are better than others, and there are some activities that should be avoided when you are pregnant as it can damage both you and the baby. For example should you avoid sports where there is a risk of falling. Some of these are horseback riding, snowboarding, surfing, soccer and even tennis can do more harm than good when you are pregnant. You have to use common sense when you activate yourself in some kind of sports and you should always listen to your body.

If you are unlucky you can harm the baby but also yourself. When you’re pregnant your body will change and you might not have the same balance as before you got pregnant. Remember this and always take precaution when doing any sports.

You should also avoid, for example, exercising hard and exercising when it is too hot. It is really important that after the 16 weeks pregnancy completely avoiding all kind of activities that require you to lift your legs, such as sit-ups and other exercises or activities.

Use common sense and listen to your body if you are going out and playing sports. If in doubt, ask your doctor. And even the simplest exercise, such as taking a walk already makes a difference for your well being.

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