Playing With Your Baby

By | April 10, 2019

Playing with your baby is one of the most stimulating things you can do. Your baby will develop during each play – it will learn to understand rules, morals and develop social skills. You will also have a perfect opportunity to bond with your baby.

One of the great advantages with baby play is that it does not even have to cost money. There are so many play ideas out there that even are pedagogic! At the same time, your baby’s social and motor skills are challenged and developed.

Sound imitating is one of the most fun games that babies know. This play is all about imitating animals or other sounds that are familiar to the baby.

Making faces while changing your baby’s diapers is also one way of playing. This kind of play might seem like it is only for fun, but it teaches baby’s about mimicking and muscles control.

Baby plays that are a bit more expensive are for example simple toys or other objects. Play hide and seek, make sounds, count legs or ears, talk about color and compare red to other red things…the list can be made endless. With only a simple toy you can show the baby so much, of which all will encourage the baby’s development. Baby play is like this – a simple thing turn into a pedagogic tool.

You should however keep in mind that babies do not understand what you say, but in the beginning listen to the tone of your voice and how you say things. When you are playing you may sometimes change your voice a bit, and in order not to frighten the baby, make this transition smooth. Nor do babies understand why adult not play the same way as they do. Try and adopt your baby’s behavior a bit as well, and you will see that the playing comes along much easier.

In the end, ignore all adults who think that playing with your baby looks ridiculous or foolish. Baby play is an important stage in your baby’s life and you need to encourage every single phase of it.

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