Planning for Pregnancy

By | May 16, 2019

To get pregnant is something many women dream of, but unfortunately not everyone has the big pleasure to get pregnant. If you want to optimize your chances, then there are a few precautions you can take. Remember to involve your spouse into this, because starting a family is nothing you do on your own.

Almost 80 % of the world’s women manage to become pregnant within one year. If you do not get pregnant the first time or second or even the third time you should not be worried of not get any children. That means that you fall into the 20 % category of women who do not get pregnant within a year. There are a variety of causes to this – and not all have to be negative. You will probably still be able to get pregnant; it might just take a little longer.

Many couples try on the wrong time to get pregnant. The sperm can only hit the egg at one certain time during the month and you need to target this moment. Getting pregnant involves a bit of luck – but you can somewhat plan it. Many pharmacies sell ovulation test that can help you get that lucky day!

The woman’s age is also relevant for the pregnancy. A woman in her 20’s is more likely to have children than a woman over 35. That is because a woman’s fertility decreases as the years go by and the chances of getting pregnant are much less than for a woman under 25.

Before deciding to become pregnant you should have spoken this through with your spouse. Not only can the time before a pregnancy be stressful, but a successful pregnancy will change your relationship. Therefore, it is important that both parents are part of this.

Then there is alcohol and tobacco – both alcohol and tobacco can harm the baby during pregnancy. They will also decrease your chance before you even get pregnant. And also increases the risk of losing the child. There is no excuse for continuing to use alcohol or tobacco (or any other drug). This goes for the mother as well as the father: alcohol and other drugs are harmful for both the egg and the sperm.

One thing you can do to opt your chances it to start exercising more regularly, maybe go for a walk or do something else that you like. Exercise is good for both body and the health, and you will sleep better at night and you feel more energetic during the day. Food is also a way to get a better quality of life and have more energy during the day.

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