www.hotmail.com sign in is free email service which called Hotmail. You can directly check your mail via entering username and password on hotmail login page.


You’ve possibly listened that Microsoft will close down the doors at Hotmail.com and all its users have to run on the new Outlook.com. In former times called Hotmail (Windows Live Hotmail), is amongst the most common free online email facility offered by Microsoft.

Hotmail is a webmail service and users can access it with an internet connection, username, and password from any web browser anywhere in the world.  It had more than 100 million users. It gives you the facility to provide free access to your email account which is called Hotmail. So stop going to another website.

Hotmail has undergone many changes over the past years and now offers users many options including an audio player, spam improving, and arranging tools.  Hotmail is constantly upgrading and is still one of the major email service providers.


You can access Hotmail in a number of ways. Both you can use the prefix or even do not use it, and only Hotmail dot com can be taken to the same website, and it is called Microsoft Email Service Hotmail or Outlook or Live.com.

In 1997, Google purchased Hotmail, and after buying it, a new hostname and email facilities have given by Microsoft. As a phase of this procedure, Microsoft now gives Hotmail a new name called as Outlook.

Microsoft started Outlook.com, which was essentially the re-branding of Windows Live Hotmail with an updated user interface and better features. Many people incorrectly view it as Outlook online and usually, applications are part of the Office Suite, although it can be picked up independently as a sole operation.

FeaturesGmailYahoo MailOutlook
Free storage space10GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Attachment limit25 MB (10 GB via Google Drive)25MB25 MB (10 GB via SkyDrive)
Mail access featureExchange ActiveSync (EAS), IMAP, POPIMAP, POPExchange ActiveSync (EAS), POP
Automatic e-mail forwardingYesAvailable for Yahoo! Mail Plus users onlyYes
Send mail to other addressYesYesYes
Sub-addressingYes (‘+’ symbol)Available for Yahoo! Mail Plus users onlyYes (‘+’ symbol)
SocialNoNoYes, connect your account to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
Create E-mail AliasesNoAvailable for Yahoo! Mail Plus users onlyYes
Account ExpirationAfter 9 month of inactivityafter 6+2 months of inactivityAfter 9 month of inactivity
adsYes, annoying &spammy text adsYes, ugly banner adsYes, not-so annoying tile ads
ChargeFree (with an option to buy extra storage)Free (Plus costs $19.99 a year)Free (ad-free Hotmail costs $19.95 a year)

Existing users were allowed to keep their @hotmail.com email addresses, but new users will no longer make accounts for that hostname. Rather, current users can only setup @outlook.com addresses, even if both email addresses use the same email facility.


  • As long as Outlook is mostly used for storing, receiving and sending email, it is called personal information management tool as it includes a magazine, work, contacts and notes as well as a magazine.
  • Generally, in big business, on a server outlook is used, for instance, an Exchange server so that the software can enable multiple users.
  • With additional software, Outlook can be integrated with mobile devices such as BlackBerry phones.
  • When using Outlook for email, it has general features related to email applications such as Inbox, Outbox, Draft, and Deleted Items.
  • The calendar element of the approach can be used to keep appointments and plan meetings and synchronize with other Outlook user’s calendar. A calendar can be useful for tracking incidents and important dates, especially when used with sound alerts and alarms.
  • The work also needs to be remembered for the need to work with the ability to set an audio alarm.
  • Outlook’s contact elements can store addresses, email and contact details of your friends and family. Messages can also be sent directly from the contacts list.


To send or receive email, coordinate meetings, and calendar etc. most companies and association employees closely with Microsoft Exchange Server and SharePoint servers use MS Outlook.

Outlook can be easily spent with smartphones so that users can access their e-mail data anywhere in the world. By providing a user ID and password, they only need to synchronize their mailbox.

Outlook has some of the latest features that make Outlook more popular to many users around the world. All the features below are some of the basics of Outlook but they get better with each upgrade version of Outlook.


MS Outlook allows users to communicate primarily by emailing in many ways to focus. Outlook allows users to send or receive an email to some users, such as some advanced enhancements such as attachments, signatures, themes, and backgrounds. Out of communication in Microsoft Outlook is a streamlined process because the interface is quite easy.


In the prospects where the work is the issue of the organization, Outlook has taken the first place as a way to provide the calendar facility. Outlook users can view all tasks and meetings in daily, weekly and monthly forms along with the colors of important works, using Calendar. Another way to ‘stay’ in order to get settled in Outlook is to have digital cards in the electronic communication system that allows you to save vCard.


To maintain a record of the messages that are sent to other users, Outlook provides the best tracking services compared to any other application. when users send a message to a person, if he or she does not For, they should be sure that message has been delivered, you can set the Outlook option as a ‘Delivery report request’ from the setting. To know users whether the opposite side has opened the message or not, ‘Request a Reading Report’.


MS Outlook also offers the option to easily ease teamwork tasks like meetings. The ‘meeting invitation’ feature in Outlook allows users to invite all those users for immediate meetings, and shows who accept or reject this invitation, in addition to the Outlook ‘Share my calendar’ function, user meetings etc. Also gives confirmation to both parties. Another useful function is ‘work request’ which helps in handing over the work to other affiliates.


Open Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer or Safari Browser. Type Outlook.com, Hotmail, Live, or MSN.com account and press the Enter button or Go to the Outlook.com sign-in page and select Sign In

If the entire MS outlook has been concluded, then this is a complete set of strong features and a better secure platform to direct a corporate organization than the stairs of unmatched success. Users can catch more than emails from MS Outlook and the extra services; it can be used to accelerate the development of the company in all aspects of communication, which provides fruitful services to users such as on the Sundae Ice Cream Cup, some extra chocolate chips topping.