Music and Your Baby

By | April 9, 2019

Music is a very important trigger for social and emotional development, as well as overall development of the baby’s brain, Baby music can be played even before the baby is born, in order to create bonds with the parents and their life.

Not all kinds of music are appropriate for small babies though. And not all babies like all kinds of music. With the latter, you need to experiment a bit and see what kind of music makes your baby react and have fun. Babies can like everything – classical, pop or even hard rock. It all depends in the baby and the sound level in the end.

Some baby music is better for putting babies to bed and can be part of your bedtime routine. Other music is better played during the afternoon and the general play time. There are no direct measures of what music is best for a baby. Play a type of music you like and see what effect is has on the baby. Alternate the music in order to make your baby relax or more energetic.

Or why not sing yourself? Your voice is important for the baby, even if it is unborn. There is a high recognition factor in human voices and the baby will be amazing at singling out your voice in an entire crowd. In your baby’s ears, your voice is the most beautiful voice there is.

When the baby till is unborn, the music you play can be heard and felt by the baby. It will then recognize this music after it is born.

You should however keep in mind that the child’s hearing is much more sensitive than adults. Therefore, you should keep the volume at a much lower level.

When the baby is a bit older, try singing songs together. Baby music, such as classic songs (itsy bitsy spider and all those songs we used to love when we were small), triggers the development. Songs that include movements are also good for the baby’s muscles development and motor skills. Music with rhythm can even make the baby dance!

Classical music is also said to be good to play for their children, such as Mozart or Beethoven. It is said that babies who listened to classical music would be smarter, but yet there is no evidence for this.

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