Maternity Clothes Tips

By | May 8, 2019

Now when you’re pregnant you will have notices that your usual trousers no longer fit. Nor do the shoes that you like so much or that top which makes you look fantastic. Nothing is really comfortable any more – it is time to buy some maternity clothes!

Many pregnant women think it’s less fun to buy maternity clothes for the first time. They do not know what sizes that work, do not know quite what’s on the market or how to think that the clothes should look like. This not a surprise as your body will change entirely during the nine months you are pregnant.

One rule is not to buy maternity clothes too early into the pregnancy. The risk is that they do not fit later in your pregnancy. Maybe you do not fit in the black, but like colored outfits better. Perhaps you think that the skirt was more comfortable than the pants. So, instead of buying everything at once, try to buy some pieces as you need them.

Use your imagination
Usually it works to use the same size on the maternity clothes that you had before you were pregnant. The materials on maternity clothes are often elastic and will therefore grow with your stomach. There are stores that specialize in maternity clothes but you can also find maternity clothes in the usual clothing stores. There are also some great online stores.

Clothes for pregnant women can be relatively expensive, considering the short time it will be used. Consider borrowing from your friends or buy some second hand. Most maternity clothes can be used during the entire pregnancy and tend to fit well into the pregnancy and even when you are breastfeeding.

Maternity clothes do nowadays have their own fashion. There is no risk that you will miss out on the latest trends. You can also buy regular clothes, but in larger sizes than you had before you were pregnant. It is only creativity and imagination that puts an end to what you can wear.

Your upper body
When you are pregnant, your chest is going to be bigger and in some periods you might feel that the breast are sore and tense. So it is important to find a good bra that fits your bust and is soft and comfortable at the same time.

A pregnancy bra has wider shoulder straps than a usual bra. With this, you also have a bra to grow during pregnancy. The breasts grow one to two bra sizes during a pregnancy. It is a good thing to buy at least two good bras, so that you always have a clean one. Most pregnancy bras can also be used when you breastfeed. This makes the bra investment economical.

General tip
Buy clothes that do not sit too tight when you are pregnant. Also remember, as your stomach grows you may want to choose low-heeled shoes that are more comfortable and prevent any back injury.

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