Life After Pregnancy

By | May 3, 2019

After your pregnancy you need to get used to a new life and a new body. Not only will you from now on care for a child, but your body will also gradually change back into something that is close to its original shape. Your family life will change and the support of your spouse and family is important.

First, you need to get used to the bump on your body and the pregnancy. Then, after nine month, and after giving birth your body will gradually change back. It needs time to heal and to rest and you need to take care of yourself. Once you feel more recovered you can start to exercise, within limits of course, and slowly live the same life you had before.

And the same life means only for your body. You have of course a newborn to take care of and a family to be comfortable with. This brings enormous changes to your relationship and it constellation. These changes are easily adapted, as you will talk them over with your partner and adjust your life around the new baby.

In the first month, or even months, after pregnancy, you need to focus on the baby, your family and your body. Make this a priority, everything else is excess for the time being.

The physical changes after birth are harder dealt with. You cannot stress your body too much, but you still need to be active in order to regain some strength. To bear babies is a tough challenge and the body feels like it been on a hard workout. The stomach is not big and heavy any more, but you are probably disappointed. The skin hangs loosely and your belly is still big. Will you ever get in shape again? Once the hormone levels are down to normal, your body will get rid of the extra fluids and your limbs will no longer be swelled.

At the same time the pregnancy hormones will decrease in the body. They are no longer needed, now that the pregnancy is terminated and the rapid hormonal changes in your body can make your mood unstable. When you feel anxious, depressed or tearful, try to remember that it will pass as the body recovers. But if anything feels totally wrong or if you are very worried, it is important to seek medical help. Depression after childbirth is not uncommon.

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