How to Read a Book to Your Baby

By | April 7, 2019

Books are one of the most fabulous things in order to trigger your baby’s development. There is so much fantasy and stimulation in any book that your baby’s curiosity will awake.

The classic bedtime reading scenario is most often describes as a romantic and picturesque image of child upbringing. However, there is much thought and encouragement behind every book that it read. Not only will you establish closer bonds with your baby, but you can also in an easy way talk about morals, and social and emotional development.

In the beginning, choose a book that is full of big, bright pictures. Small babies do not understand text quite yet and are more intrigued by the images. For some reason, books with animals are a bestseller. And the best are those that have a sound button for each animal as well. This might be due to the fact that animals are easily imitated.

As the baby gets a bit older, you can choose other books to read. A big book with a very simple, story, with, let us say, one line on each page, is perfect. Your baby can start to follow your finger along the text line as you read the text out loud. In order to really capture the baby’s attention you should step into each character – alternate your voice, make noises and change for a bit. This encourages the baby’s social and emotional development.

At a certain age, the baby wants to hear longer stories. Go for fairytales, stories or why not a child’s book. There are often certain genres that are more popular than others – try to develop this by challenging your child further. The next book can be a bit thicker or have more text in it. Reading is all about having fun and learning – but without the baby knowing it!

When the purpose of reading the book is to go to sleep or make the baby sit patiently for a longer time, then you should let the baby choose the book. It will automatically listen more carefully and be more attentive. Try and challenge your baby: mix the lines, exchange the lines or just make plain stuff up. If the baby is on alert, it will notice and it will find the read book more fun.

Accustom your baby to listen to stories, as this is an easy way to teach babies to be still and quiet.

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