How to Raise a Baby

By | April 15, 2019

Having the responsibility to raise a baby is hard. You know that you need to be a good role model and that your baby will do what you do. On the other hand, babies are quite decisive themselves and have their own way of doing things. In particular when they should go to sleep. If the baby does not like what you do, then it might just as well start to scream.

When a child is born it is a special event in the parents’ live. This brings along a true responsibility. You must educate the young child so that it knows the difference between doing good things and bad things. Teaching about morals and ethics is one of the hardest tasks in life.

A baby needs a solid connection to the mother and father in order to develop and mature. Do not push it, but let it take the time he/she needs. The basis is founded already in the first contact with the parents and each additional touch and word is building upon that connection.

In order for the child to develop early, you need to put playing and singing into the picture. Pay attention to the baby and what it does, applaud it and encourage it. Maybe hand out some sort of reward? Playing with various toys will also give the baby a chance for exploration and to develop his/her more curious side. Always stay around when the child plays. This will give more security to the baby and the more trust your earn (yes, you have to earn it), the better you will be able to raise the baby.

It is also important to set boundaries and limits as early as possible. If the baby does anything wrong, be sure to him/her that. In the very young age, you want the baby stop hurting itself, by for example preventing it from crawling through the kitchen. Tell him/her gently that this is not ok and lift the baby up and put it in a crib or any other safe place.

It is important to always keep calm when you tell your baby off. He/she is easily frightened and you will not gain any respect or trust if you make the baby cry. Also, never ever hit the baby.

Being a good role model for your baby is hard, but when you take care of the baby and of yourself and behave as you fell is correct, than it should not prove to be an obstacle.

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