How to Get Your Baby to Nap

By | April 22, 2019

There is nothing that is better than your baby. Although, having some quiet time alone is not bad either. Baby naps are an easy way to get a couple of minutes all for yourself!

Making your baby sleep during the day might be easy or hard. Another aspect is that the baby should not sleep too much during the days it otherwise will not sleep through the night. Baby naps are essential for both mother and baby, but they should not disrupt the night sleep.

In order to give the baby a healthy perspective on baby naps you need to introduce a daily routine. And then stick to it. This includes both napping and bedtime routines. Make an estimate for how long your baby can nap during the day and then limit it strictly. As long as the naps are regular, it does not matter to the child.

A short nap after breakfast, lunch or dinner is perfect. Then the baby will get some rest time either during the morning or the afternoon and you will be able to put it easier to bed at night.

Babies are unpredictable though, as they have their own daily rhythm in their body. Some sleep more during the day, other prefer the nighttime. Many, especially toddlers, prefer baby naps right after lunch. What your baby wants will show early. Babies are very good at letting us know when they are tired and as a parent you will soon be able to distinguish their cries and screams from each other. Other signs for tiredness are refusal to eat and the fact that it clutches on to you all the time.

Be sure to but your baby to bed, at night or for the nap, in time. Once the baby s passed the immediate stage of being tired, it will become too tired to fall asleep. When a routine is settled, both you and the baby know when it is time to take a baby nap.

If your baby has trouble falling asleep, there are some simple things that you can build into your routine. Try to choose the same place for sleeping every time. This will make the baby get used to its sleeping place and it will automatically settle in and be comfortable enough to sleep. In order to adjust the baby to the fact that it is time to sleep, you can implement some of our bedtime routines for the baby naps. Close the curtains and turn of the light, if that it was you do the night.

Always have patience with your baby, as it takes time to establish a baby nap routine and it sometimes just does not fit right for the baby on a particular day.

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