Delete Hotmail Account : If you have currently hotmail login account, then here we can share information about how to permanently delete account. Just like creating a new account on Hotmail, the deleting process is also simple and super easy. And this article will tell you how. Read on.


As we know that you want to delete hotmail account permanently. Then here we mentioned complete step by step procedure for you.

  1. Visit the following link
  2. Go to the Outlook account closure page
  3. Then sign in into the account with the help of credentials – Username and Password
  4. Now, select the option – Sign In
  5. And then, here you have to select the option – Next, which is at the bottom of the Page – that lists you about things that happen when you delete the account
  6. Now, just click the each box on the left side of the page
  7. Now, you have to select the option – Select a reason, which is almost at the bottom of the page
  8. Just pick a reason for closing the account
  9. In case, if there is no option that matches your reason, then select the option – My reason isn’t listed
  10. Now, click – Mark Account for closure
  11. That’s it
  12. Your account will be deleted in 60 days permanently. And in any case, if you want to have it back, you can get it back in these 60 days.


Below is the guide that tells you about the process of deleting the emails on Hotmail. Check out.

  1. At first, open any of the browser
  2. Then sign in into the account with the help of credentials – Username and Password
  3. Now, go to the section – Inbox
  4. And now pick the option – Select Everything in the reading pane
  5. Then select the option – Delete
  6. And the messages or emails will be deleted and moved into folder of Deleted Items
  7. To deleted these messages or emails permanently, just right click on the deleted items folder
  8. And choose – Delete All
  9. That’s it.
  10. You can also delete the messages one by one. It is totally up to you


Hope you understand that all the above mentioned details about how to delete email account. Just read the instructions carefully and implement them. That’s it. This is how you can delete a Hotmail account permanently. Also, you can delete the emails or messages at a time or one by one. Pick the option as per your convenience.