How to Choose Baby Name

By | May 12, 2019

The names we are given by our parents are maybe our most precious gift. The inspiration for baby names can come from many different sources. They can be family related or indeed very unique and almost made up. Most surely, when a newborn child comes to the world you will certainly have made a choice or have tons of names on your list.

Baby names can be one of a kind, have a symbolic link or be chosen from within the family heritage. Whatever you choose, it will be special for your child. Some people choose baby names after a loved one, as mother or a grandparent, while others choose baby names they find beautiful, perhaps even wrote it down on a piece of paper. Some have even since childhood or early youth thought of names for their unborn child or children.

Certain countries have the tradition of giving the parents three month before deciding the name for the newborn infant. This will give the parents a chance to see what kind of person the baby really is. They have a chance to study its features and habits and can chose a baby name appropriate to the identity. Other cultures relate the name to fact that happened at the time the baby was born. The names of the month, daytime, season or even certain events serve also a source of inspiration for the baby names.

An important reminder is that the name will follow your child for the rest of its life. Choose it wisely, but also smart. It might be an advantage if the name is easy to pronounce. Or choose a name just because you simply like it. If you like a name like Lisa, Kristin, Thomas or Bill or so go for it. You can also rename the child with a made-up name, but then that name must be approved by the authorities of the country in which the child are born in.

As a parent you should also have in mind that naming your newborn children, can affect his or her upbringing. Many factors may play a role in what name you got when you were born. Especially in the teens a strange or odd name can play a crucial part in a teen’s life, and they can be teased for their unusual name.

If you are unsure about the name or even do not agree with your spouse there is always the opportunity to give the child more than one name. The first name, by which is can be called can be more special than the others. Usually the other names are heritage names and significant for the family into which the child will be raised.

So finally: think the name through carefully for your newborn child. It will have to be the bearer of the baby name for the rest of its life.

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