How to Care for Your Baby’s Mouth and Teeth

By | April 21, 2019

You will soon notice that your baby starts to teeth. Obviously it is the parents’ responsibility to take care of the baby’s mouth and teeth, as the baby cannot do it her/himself. Here are some simple tips for this kind of baby tooth and mouth care.

A baby gets their first teeth when it is about six months to a year old. Usually the lower teeth come first, followed by the upper ones. At the age of 3 years, your baby has about 20 milk teeth. But tooth and mouth care is important from day one.

When it comes to taking care of a baby tooth so you should think about taking extra caution when you brush, as a baby’s gums are more sensitive. They may also become sorer easily, as they are not yet used to any treatment.

Once your baby has had her/his first tooth you should start brushing the teeth directly, at least once a day with toothpaste that is made for young children. Such toothpaste can be found in any regular shop or ask at your local pharmacy. Avoid toothpaste that contents fluoride, as young babies and children often swallow toothpaste.

It can also give your baby fluoride tablets in addition, which they can start using when they are about 6 months old and onwards. Such fluoride tablets will positively affect both tooth and mouth. They will prevent even the smallest hole. Be sure to buy a tablet that it appropriate for your baby, as it otherwise might suffocate on the pill.

Successful baby tooth and mouth care is also dependent upon the chosen toothbrush. Use a brush specially made for children – no adults’ brush is allowed. It has to be very very soft, in order not to hurt any teeth or gums. Remember to change toothbrush every third month.

Useful tips:

  • Take only as much toothpaste as fits on the baby’s little fingernail.
  • Brush each tooth carefully and even the gum.
  • Brush morning and evening.
  • When you brush your baby’s teeth, brush gently in small circular movements.

You should also visit a dentist with your little baby. Wait until the child is 3 years old – then most of the teeth exist and the dentist can give better advice on the tooth and mouth care.

Last but not least – in order to create a favorable condition for tooth and mouth care be sure not to give your child any unnecessary sweets. Provide your baby with a nutritious and healthy diet and the teeth will be looked after better.

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