How to be a Great Dad

By | May 16, 2019

Here are some practical tips in how to be a good father. Perhaps it is the first time that you are becoming a dad and you have no idea how to raise a child. Maybe you will think about how your own parents raised you and how it was when you were a child. Should you be the same or behave otherwise?

It is only natural that you are lost and maybe a little bit terrified as an expectant father. Here are six dad tips to ease the way for you.

  1. Give your partner some prime time alone. The fact is that mother and baby spend the first months of almost constant being together, when she is breastfeeding her child in particular. So give her a well needed break from the role as a mother.
  2. Live like you did before you had children, within reasonable limits. Having a baby is a responsibility and of course certain things have to change. No going to the local bar all the time and drinking beer, for example. However, you can still perform daily activities, such as shopping, walking, maybe having a coffee with your friends in a cafe, or take a trip with the whole family.
  3. Listen and give the attention your child needs. It is important that you take the time to be with your child and play with him/her and if you have several children, give everyone equal attention and love.
  4. Treat your children as you wanted to be treated when you were little. Look back on your childhood and remember how your dad was, was he a good father or not so good. Could he get angry when it was needed, example when you did something stupid and wrong, or did he let it pass.
  5. Be yourself, you may get all kind of dad tips on how to raise your children or listening to friends ‘and parents’ advice on how to be a great parent. It is always good with advice but you also need to trust in your own feelings.
  6. Enjoy being a dad. You do not become parents every day, so take this opportunity and enjoy the time and the role as a father.

These where some dad tips on the way to your role as the world’s best dad. If you are still scared – talk to people. There are many fathers, and mothers, out there who have been through the same as you are. And have an open dialogue with the mother of the child; this is the best way to ensure that both are doing fine in being a parent.

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