Homemade Baby Food Tips

By | April 26, 2019

Many parents are too afraid to give their baby homemade food. It does not have to be hard though, and you will give your baby all the nutrients necessary. Start off with a mashed banana and end the journey with the most delicious puree that even your baby cannot resist.

Buying baby food in the grocery store is an easy solution. You pick a jar or two, preferably with the taste that your baby enjoys. If possible, you probably also pick the ecological baby food, as you do not want your baby to eat preservatives, artificial additives or other chemical substances.

As this might be handy way for a stressed parent to feed your baby, it might not be the most fun and nutritious way. Making homemade baby food is simple and does not take any longer than picking that jar. There are also several advantages with homemade baby food.

First, you know exactly what is it in the food. You can follow your baby’s diet and change it when you see that it does not like certain taste or if it has allergic reactions to other ingredients. Also, homemade baby food is healthy. Rather than buying a fabricated jar you can use fresh vegetables and fruits and give your baby only the best.

You will also save money. For making your baby’s food, you can use leftovers (unless they need to be discarded though). You can also buy bulk (which is cheaper) and then prepare a whole lot of homemade baby food. Store and freeze for later – than you only need to pick a jar in your own freezer!

A thing to keep in mind when making your own baby food is that the baby does not eat everything. Stay away from salt and sugar and everything spicy. Your baby cannot digest these strong and hot tastes. If you do want your food to be a bit sweet, why don´t mix in a banana or a little drip of honey?

The older the baby gets, the more will it enjoy different flavor. In the beginning, when adapting it to solid foods, you might have a difficulty with certain tastes. This is however the same for any food the baby will eat, bought or homemade, there is no difference.

When making your own baby food, start off with something simple. Below are some easy recipes that you can start with.

Corn and pea puree
Boil 150 grams of corn and 100 grams of peas; make sure that the water covers them just barely. Let boil for 10 minutes. Take the vegetables out and put them into the blender. Add some oil or butter and mix well. Be sure that the puree cools off before you serve the food.

Pear and apple puree
Peel one apple and two pears, remove cores and grate them into a saucepan. Add water and cook until the fruit is soft. Ready to serve.

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