Having Another Baby

By | May 16, 2019

Getting pregnant again is fun but also a big change. Firstly, you will once again go through the whole pregnancy process, your stomach will become increasingly larger, your mood will change and you become hungrier for sweets. On top of this, you already have a child to look after and keeping the balance between taking care of the child and being pregnant/having another baby is essential.

When you are having another baby you have to tell the child/children that they will have a new brother or sister. You might also have in mind that the older child/children may be jealous because they think you spend more time on their new brother or sister.

Therefore it is wise to bring attention to the other children too, so that no one feels forgotten or left alone. If someone feels that you do not care or don’t pay attention to her or him, you might create a bad atmosphere in the house. He/she can react with a mood and maybe start doing things that makes life difficult for you as parents. But he/she might also do bad things against the baby. As a parent you may make sure to do activities with the whole family such as a picnic or watch a movie together.

When it is time to have another baby, then maybe your house or flat suddenly is too small, and you might need bigger and better space for your growing family. Maybe you need to buy a bigger car and more clothes for the newborn. In order to not ruin yourself financial, be sure to set your priorities right. Do you really need to invest in a new TV as well, when you have to think about the mortgage for the new house?

A trick for economic savings is to buy smaller things online and to trade of baby clothes between friends. You can also reuse many of the clothes from older children when you are having another baby.

Another thing you also should have in mind is that your sleep will become unstable during the night. You might need to go up a couple of times in the middle of the night to comfort the crying child, so that the baby sleeps again. This might affect your older children as well, so be sure to talk to them about this.

Life changes every time you are having a baby, you must plan and re-plan everything. Be sure to be patient, both with the newborn and the siblings. A final word to remember is to give each other a lot of love and time for everyone in the family so that no one feels left alone.


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