Having a Premature Baby

By | April 7, 2019

Being forces to hear and to realize that your baby will be born before its expected date of birth is hard. Premature babies are smaller and more fragile, all depending on how old they actually are when they are born. Having a premature baby is a challenge, but one that can be mastered.

A baby that is born before the 37th week and weighing less than 2.500 grams is considered prematurely born. Having a premature baby is most probably a shock for every parent. But these babies will thrive and grow under the loving care of its parents, just like other babies will.

Sad enough, there are some cases where the premature baby does not survive. Luckily, the health care services and hospitals are today better equipped and more prepared and can prevent such sad deaths.

Risks for any premature baby include that the baby’s body is not yet fully developed and during the first days, and maybe even months, in the baby’s life, he/she must use a respirator for breathing help. Sometimes even some medicines are required. The lungs and the brain are not fully developed and the baby might not be in control of all its body functions yet. To avoid that the baby forgets to breathe, a respirator is necessary.

When around a premature baby, be sure not to use loud voices. Also, only touch the baby very gently. Avoid bringing it into rooms with bright light and disturb it too often. Be sure to always dress up in clean clothes, as premature babies are more prone to infections than other babies. Especially meningitis and blood poisoning are common.

Causes for babies being premature born can be different for each mother. Sometimes stress or damage to the belly is starting the birth in beforehand. Sometimes a disease might hit the baby and the womb reacts instinctively. These diseases might be diabetes (in mother or child) or infections (in mother or child). Any premature born baby will undergo a through medical check-up, in order to note the cause for its birth.

If you are the parents of a premature baby and are worried, do not hesitate to ask the medical staff at the hospital. You should at any costs avoid doing something wrong and might need extra medical advice. This is nothing to be ashamed of, as treating a premature baby is a difficult task.

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