Giving Birth Facts

By | May 4, 2019

Many pregnant women take the idea of giving birth really calm, while others fear it. Being well-read before giving birth make the situation easier for you and helps you get the feeling of having control over the situation. You might still panic – after all you have been pregnant for 40 week and the little creature will finally be welcomed into the world. To get to the hospital to giving birth can be exiting, but at the same time a difficult and painful experience for a pregnant woman.

Preparing for childbirth is essential. However, be also prepared for the fact that nothing you read may apply on you. Every birth is said to be unique and not even a mother of nine children will experience any similarity when the gives birth to the tenth.

Even is the birth is special for every woman, there are certain issues which are the same for all women. Firstly, you and your partner will get an estimated date when the child is going to be born. You may as parents often have two different dates of birth, one from your midwife as is calculated from when you had your last period and one when you have the first ultrasound testing. Most reliable delivery dates are the ones given from the ultrasound. Always take that date as a hint only – you can become parents up to two weeks before or after. But be sure to be ready by then!

Attend childbirth classes where you prepare together with your spouse for the important moment. Here you will practice breathing and learn about various birthing techniques. In many cities you also have the possibility to go to the hospital and see the station and meet the nurses. This is a really important part as you will see the individual rooms, meet people and get more mentally prepared into actually giving birth.

Childbirth – how does it work?
Childbirth may be different from case to case. The first signal is most often labor pains and that your water will brake (the amniotic fluids will be released). This is a slightly unpleasant feeling and it is hard to prepare for this phase of childbirth. Then the contractions will start and when they are about three minutes apart you should be on your way to the hospital.

If you feel pain or if you are bleeding in the genital area, you should immediately call the hospital and seek advice.

Once you get to the hospital a doctor will examine you. Be sure to tell the attending personal how you want your childbirth to be. Even if you have something special in mind and have prepared for it, it might not be that way. Childbirth can be complicated, despite it being such a natural thing. Be ready for a caesarian even if you do not want to have one. Being prepared for childbirth means to be ready for anything.

The childbirth takes basically place in three stages. How long each phase will varies greatly and cannot be said in advance. During the opening stage your uterus will open up and make space for the baby. The second stage is the actual birthing of the baby. In the last stage the placenta will come out.

Childbirth is a wonderful thing and you should include your spouse into this experience. Be sure to prepare together and walk through different scenarios. You need to talk about your expectations of each other, as this will help the mother through the birthing stages.

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