Games for Your Baby

By | April 6, 2019

There are thousands of baby games and toys available. Everything from board games, to cards, toys and even computer games. Most games have a pedagogic value, but sometimes the best game is still to play hide and seek outside.

Baby games trigger the social and emotional development. Hearing voices, use the muscles in the face – simple imitation games are very useful to stimulate any baby at any age.

When your baby is up to 3 month old, mobiles and other colorful toys are a useful game. They intrigue the baby and make them even more curious. Try to play music for the baby as well. This might not fit into the category of baby games, but it is very soothing and supporting for the baby’s development.

At the age of 3-5 months, the baby will start grasping and grabbing things. Now, things such as rattles, teething rings and various colorful toys are an advantage, as the baby often notices them. An even better baby game at this ages it to put the baby in a baby carrier and take it along on your different chores. The baby can then see new things and more things and can be more curious. In fact, the baby soon figures out how toys work. But real life, that takes a bit longer!

Around 5-8 months the baby starts to sit up and walk. Make sure that there are enough things to grab and hold on to, unless you would like to invest in a baby walker of course. Around this time of age, the baby will also develop its first teeth. There are different chewing toys for babies, which stimulate the growth and take away some of the pain involved with teething. A special tip is to put the toy in the freezer for a short while – this will cool the teeth and gum down as well.

When your baby approaches the end of its first year, the motor skills are better. It can now assemble simple puzzle – but be sure that all pieces are too large for the baby to swallow and that they are not toxic when chewed upon! Other baby games include simple books (with animal pictures) or a stuffed animal (once again, no small details and no toxics!).

Remember, that the best games are still those played without any expensive toys. Take your baby out for a short walk and look for animals. Play hide and seek or any other outdoor game. Your baby will learn so much more than sitting in front of the TV and watching educational programs.

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