Feeding Your Baby

By | May 1, 2019

Having a baby you need to make sure that is it not hungry. A task that might seem small, but when you are unsure of the feeding time, proportions and other issues around the feeding, things might go wrong. Therefore, it is good to know how often, what and when you should feed your baby.

Babies are peculiar beings and they have all their own set of mind. But when it is hungry, you need to take responsibility. In the beginning, breastfeeding is all the baby needs. Be sure that the mother has enough milk, as the baby other ways still will be hungry despite it being fed.

When you bottle feed your baby, be sure to invest some time in it. It might take time until the baby is accustomed to bottle feeding.

During the baby’s second week of life, it needs feeding about every two hours and also a few times during the night. When getting older, the baby will keep this pattern until it starts with solid food. Only then will the baby’s stomach and hunger control be strong enough to realize that there is enough food and that there will be more food in time.

At the age of two month and onward, you can start with solid food. You can either buy it prepared in any shop or just mash regular food in a food processor. It has to be smooth and almost liquid in order to attract the babies taste in the first months.

When your baby has reached the age of 7 month, you can start feeding it solid pieces of food. Be sure that the food is smooth anyway: fruit is an excellent starting point. The food should also be easy to hold while being eaten.

Just before the baby turns one year, the feeding has almost completely changed. If you still want to breastfeed, this is more than ok. Other parents have slowly returned to the “normal” life and have started to work, which may prevent the mother from breastfeed more. Your baby can now eat what the family is eating – as long as it is in puree form. Basically, just mash everything for the baby and he/she will be happy.

The challenge comes when the baby is between 12 and 18 month old. Now that baby has developed a taste and may not anymore like everything that you feed it with. Do not be shy and only serve it food it does like but try to offer a variety of food for it. Decorate your food to make it look more tempting.

At 24 to 36 months of age your baby will sit at the table and take part in the rest of the family’s meals. The basic feeding process is now ended, as the child can and will it most of the things you serve up.

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