Common Pregnancy Problems

By | May 16, 2019

Expecting a baby is expecting pure joy. The pregnancy itself, however, might not be an easy thing. There are some common pregnancy problems that you might experience. Most of them are not dangerous, but it is good to be able to spot symptoms of anything fast.

Being pregnant can be a challenge for a woman, but also for the spouse, who has to be supportive all the way until the birth of the baby. One thing is for sure though: every woman reacts different when they are pregnant.

Some of the common problems pregnancies are listed here below. You might be experiencing totally different problems. When in doubt over your condition, always contact a doctor for professional medical help!

You will get sick more often and feel tired, even a drop in blood pressure and mood changes will occur. Simple things might bring you to tears or you might get angry without a cause.

You can also get a bleeding in the vagina early into the pregnancy that can create anxiety for the risk of losing the baby. If in doubt – seek medical advice from a professional.

Weight gain is also something that affects women during their pregnancy, but that usually changes right after pregnancy when you are able to exercise more.

Even nightly cramps in the legs are another common pregnancy problem.

Contractions of the uterus, which can sometimes be painful, often come when the mother is under stress.

You can also get infections such as urinary tract infection, which is common during pregnancy. Some of the symptoms of this is pain when you urinating or in, the worst case, fever.

You may even get some of the certain infectious diseases such as herpes in the genital area. These may directly affect your baby. Be sure to seek proper medical advice for treatment of any vaginal infections. Almost all are treatable with the right medicine.

You can also get a number of complications such as pregnancy diabetes.

Other common pregnancy problems may be mental diseases. Depression is not uncommon in pregnant women. You might also feel depressed both before and during and after a birth. If you feel depressed then it is important to get plenty of rest, eat good and healthy food, and to eat on regular times. When you suffer from a depression it is also important that your partner or any close relative is there to listen and talk, and even help you out so the days feel easier and you can go on with your role as a mother. If things are not getting easier you might need professional help from a psychologist.

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