Choosing a Baby Safety Gate

By | April 4, 2019

When you have young children at home so it is important to safety, it is perhaps the case that you live in a house or apartment with more than one floor. When is it so important that there is a security gate installed where there are stairs. There are some things you should consider when buying baby safety gates.

Some people have larger houses or apartments with several floors and stairs between the different floors. Small children are curious and can fairly quickly or crawl over to the stairs and fall down it and get seriously injured. To prevent that from happening, you should install baby safety gates connected to at least the stairs, and of course keep an eye on the baby. There should be a baby safety gate both at the top of the stairs and the bottom of the stairs.

A stair gate should be at least 75 inches high, and it should not be able to open it from the outside. A security gate does not have more than 8-9 cm high.

When you buy a baby safety gate, it is important to make sure that it fits where it´s intended to be used. There are also the type of baby safety gates that fit anywhere. Baby safety gates have to be stable and attached correctly.

Remember to always have the safety gates closed and locked so that your baby can´t open it and get away. Adults who jump over the gate can stumble and fall.

The different types of baby safety gates

Permanent security gate: This baby safety gate is one you mount on each side of the wall. This gate opens it in the middle.

Spring-loaded safety gate: This is a gate with a spring that is stretched so that the safety gate is held in place. You can easily move this gate between different places for where you might need it at the time.

Net-gate: This is a security gate that works much like a roller blind. You put this gate together by strapping the two parts between two walls.

Security Gate you build: A security gate that you assemble yourself. This gate is available in many different kind of materials.

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