Childproofing Checklist

By | May 16, 2019

A child is curious and likes to explore. All the rooms in the house are its playground – and that includes corners, doors, wires and electric plugs. Here is an extensive childproofing checklist that will ensure that your child will be safer at home.

All rooms
Remember to use anti-trapping devices for doors, child-proof locks for windows, ensure that all sockets are covered with safety cover, and attach all loose wires with clips to the list or hide them behind furniture. Install stair gates to prevent the child from falling down, check the smoke detectors batteries every month, and take a good look at the furniture in order to discover sharp edges and corners.

Put locks on the doors and cabinets that the child can reach and open, install fire protection so that the child cannot reach pots and other cooking utensils, do not place hot drinks or hot food on near the tables’ edges. Also, dishwashing powder and things that are toxic are placed in upper cabins where the child cannot access them.

Every toy should be of high quality and it is important that the toys have no removable small details. The baby toys should be constructed for the child’s age. If you have older children, be aware that the younger one might get their hands on toys inappropriate for them.

The bathroom
Never leave your baby alone in the bathroom. When bathing the baby fill the tub only to cover the child’s legs, put a non-slip mat in the bath, and get a bath seat so your child can sit.

Preventing falls
Another childproofing tip is to never leave your baby alone without supervision. If you have to do it you have to put your baby in the cradle and remove any items that your baby can get hurt on.

Safe sleep
Let your baby lie on the back, never on the stomach (the baby can suffocate). Neither should the baby have a pillow that is too soft. Your baby will also be where it is not too hot (do not lie the baby where the sun shines or near a strong lamp).

A childproofing checklist can be made endlessly long. But be assured, that if you have your baby’s safety on priority, than you will surely be able to childproof you home and to act responsibly.

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