Changing Tables Buying Guide

By | April 23, 2019

Baby changing tables come in all sizes and colors. Some have additional functions, others are just plain tables. Do not just buy any table as there always is a security aspect to anything you buy for the baby. And when it comes to tables, the standards have to be very high.

Some parents want the baby changing table to fit into the decorations with the rest of the baby’s nursery. Other parents can only afford the cheapest table available. Regardless of what your preferences are, there are some issues that you need to consider.

The baby changing table needs to be of good quality. It should not wiggle, be damaged or unstable in any other way. Remember that babies are good at wriggling and that it might be hard to keep them from falling if the table is not stable.

It is preferred if the table has a soft barrier around the edge, as this might prevent the baby from falling off. Also, it needs to have a good height for the persons using it for changing the baby. If it is too high or to low the person might not comfortably take care of the baby.

Those are the basic issues to consider when buying a baby changing table. When it come to functions, a good baby table offers storage below or above for diapers, wipes, sponges, towels and any other thing that you might need to change your baby. Simple tables often come without storage and then you need to buy an additional cupboard for all the things needed.

Some baby changing tables have a soft and smooth area where the baby will be placed. Some have even a build-in cushion with a waterproof protection. This is a piece of luxury, as a blanket or double-folded sheet is just as good.

If you will inherit or buy a used table (maybe even online) then you need to make sure that you know how old the table is. Just as with houses or cars, the older the more fragile tables get. Figure out if the table has been broken at any time and how many children that the table has been used for. Most used tables are in a good condition, as they are only used a certain amount of time for each baby, but ask these questions and you need not blame yourself later if anything happens with a table which was not good.

These are the basics on buying a baby changing table. When looking for colors or materials you are on your own. Whether you want a transportable, foldable table or a plastic one, this is not something that anyone else can decide. Choose something that you, your spouse and the baby might like, that is the best option!

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