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Sleep During Pregnancy

Some pregnant women lay awake most of the night. This could be due to bladder problems or sore hips or back. You might also starts snoring during your pregnancy or get an uneven rhythm of the day. All this has an impact on your sleep during pregnancy. Pregnancy often causes bad sleep because of snoring… Read More »

Pregnancy Activities Tips

Being pregnant, you might feel that you are too clumsy to do anything. Or you feel that you need to be really active in order not to gain too much weight. However, there are certain exercises that are not good for a pregnant woman. But most activities can be carried out as usual, despite the… Read More »

Pregnancy Food Guide

What to eat when you’re pregnant and what to avoid, this is always an important question. When you are pregnant, your appetite gets bigger because of the baby that needs energy. You also need to be sure that your diet is nutritious and that eat get all the vitamins and minerals needed. When you’re pregnant… Read More »

Common Pregnancy Problems

Expecting a baby is expecting pure joy. The pregnancy itself, however, might not be an easy thing. There are some common pregnancy problems that you might experience. Most of them are not dangerous, but it is good to be able to spot symptoms of anything fast. Being pregnant can be a challenge for a woman,… Read More »

Pregnancy Week by Week

During pregnancy, the woman’s body will change. Every week, something new will happen and you will get closer to get to know your baby. Pregnancy is a very special situation, so be sure that you enjoy it. Pregnancy is something that will change the woman’s body week by week. Different things are happening with the… Read More »

Pregnancy Symptoms and Tests

Some women know the instant that they are pregnant; some women need a growing belly. And in some couples, it is the spouse who knows first, just because of the mood swings. When you think you are pregnant, there are some simple symptoms that you can check and also reliable tests to take. Be sure… Read More »

How to Get Pregnant

Having children is a dream for many couples. For some, it is very easy to become pregnant. For others, it takes over a year. And for still some others, they never get pregnant. Getting pregnant is not easy, but often a dream that can come true. For many, getting pregnant is a natural step forward… Read More »

Planning for Pregnancy

To get pregnant is something many women dream of, but unfortunately not everyone has the big pleasure to get pregnant. If you want to optimize your chances, then there are a few precautions you can take. Remember to involve your spouse into this, because starting a family is nothing you do on your own. Almost… Read More »

Maternity Clothes Tips

Now when you’re pregnant you will have notices that your usual trousers no longer fit. Nor do the shoes that you like so much or that top which makes you look fantastic. Nothing is really comfortable any more – it is time to buy some maternity clothes! Many pregnant women think it’s less fun to… Read More »

Baby Gender Prediction

Many couples are curious – what sex will my baby have? Will it be a baby boy or a baby girl? With modern technology we can find out and even if the answer is not 100% sure, you can make arrangements for a certain sex anyway. Even traditional signs are guiding in this. Predicting the… Read More »