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Adopting a Baby

A baby is a ray of sunshine. If you want children, but might not be able to physically have them, adopting is a good option. Besides having a child of your own, you will also provide a new home for someone who might have a bad fate. There are so many children in the world… Read More »

Childproofing Checklist

A child is curious and likes to explore. All the rooms in the house are its playground – and that includes corners, doors, wires and electric plugs. Here is an extensive childproofing checklist that will ensure that your child will be safer at home. All rooms Remember to use anti-trapping devices for doors, child-proof locks… Read More »

Baby Nursery Checklist

It is not free to fix a nursery room for a baby, but it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. A baby doesn’t need expensive things and for that matter does not even care about it. With a little creativity you can create a beautiful room that is perfect for your baby. You should first… Read More »

Baby Shower Ideas

A baby shower – the same implies a simple bath for the baby but instead it is one of the most delightful parties. At this welcome party you celebrate the baby and the parents to show friendship and love. Many choose to hold the shower (the welcoming) after the birth of the child. It also… Read More »

Baby Registry Guide

Having a baby requires a lot of planning. There are a zillion things you will need and it will be hard to know what to get your baby if it might be your first. This is where the baby registry comes in. A quick and handy guide that will help you as parents to fix… Read More »

Having Another Baby

Getting pregnant again is fun but also a big change. Firstly, you will once again go through the whole pregnancy process, your stomach will become increasingly larger, your mood will change and you become hungrier for sweets. On top of this, you already have a child to look after and keeping the balance between taking… Read More »

Pets and a New Baby

Is the family dog a danger to your newborn baby? Will the cat provoke allergic reaction? The thoughts are many when you first bring home your newborn baby from the hospital. By being careful and having planned on beforehand you can avoid many traps when introducing a new baby to the family pet. Pets can… Read More »

Baby Health Insurance

When you have a small baby it’s important for both you and your child to have insurance. What should you think about when you want to insure your baby? All baby insurances shall cover for both illness and accidents 24/7. But also cover most diseases, especially congenital ones (like blindness). If not, choose any other… Read More »

How to be a Great Dad

Here are some practical tips in how to be a good father. Perhaps it is the first time that you are becoming a dad and you have no idea how to raise a child. Maybe you will think about how your own parents raised you and how it was when you were a child. Should… Read More »

How to Choose Baby Name

The names we are given by our parents are maybe our most precious gift. The inspiration for baby names can come from many different sources. They can be family related or indeed very unique and almost made up. Most surely, when a newborn child comes to the world you will certainly have made a choice… Read More »