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Social Development of Your Baby

It is important that your baby not only develops physically but also emotionally and socially. Baby social development is all about learning how to communicate with others, being able to show what the baby want and does not want and getting its own ideas. The social development of a baby is very interesting. When the… Read More »

Brain Development of Your Baby

Did you know that a baby’s brain develops from the moment it is inside its mother’s womb? When your baby is 16 weeks old, it reacts with the whole body for emotional impressions. After about 20 weeks, it is responding to sound. And all the time, the baby’s brain is developing alongside all this. Baby… Read More »

Baby Development Delays

It´s not easy to say why some babies develop slower than other babies. It could be a delay in the physical development. This might last for a few weeks after birth, or it might be permanent. There can be several reasons for baby development delays. Part of the baby development delays might be that your… Read More »

Encourage your Baby’s Development

All parents want their baby to develop as it should. This natural baby development is often boosted by the encouragement of the parents, which is even necessary in order for the baby to learn certain things. A little baby needs a firm attachment to their parents to develop. After birth the baby and mother must… Read More »

Why does My Baby Cry?

That a baby is crying is only natural, but also heartbreaking for the parent. There are many, completely different reasons for why babies cry. Some of them might feel very random; others indicate that the baby might be sick. Always try to comfort your baby as soon as you notice that something is wrong. If… Read More »

Baby Allergies Info

All babies are more or less born healthy. They will all develop diseases, as this is a part of life. Some of the diseases may change into chronic diseases. Baby allergies are not one of them. Treatable and easy to live with, this is not a tricky or hard disease. It is normal that babies… Read More »

Baby Asthma Info

Baby asthma is an inflammation that makes the lungs become irritated. They react by tighten up and also form mucus in the lungs. This makes it difficult to breath, and for a baby that does not understand what is happening, the process is even more terrifying. Asthma is a disease rarely seen in infants or… Read More »

Baby Cold and Flu Info

What is a cold, and how can it affect your baby? A cold is a virus that spreads through the air from the persons infected. A cold is transmitted through a cough or a sneeze. You can become infected with a cold when touching something an infected person has touched, such as a door knob.… Read More »

Baby Coughing Info

Having a newborn baby makes it hard to know how to react in certain situations. A harmless cough might prove to be dangerous, or a symptom for asthma. When your baby is coughing a lot you should be careful and maybe even see a doctor if you are unsure. Coughing is a protective reflex that… Read More »

Baby Diarrhea Info

Diarrhea is never a pleasant state; not for the bay and not for the parents. There are many causes to baby diarrhea, such as bad food, colic or any other disease. It is not immediately dangerous, but if the baby diarrhea lasts than be sure to seek medical advice. When the baby’s stool is runny… Read More »