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How to Raise a Baby

Having the responsibility to raise a baby is hard. You know that you need to be a good role model and that your baby will do what you do. On the other hand, babies are quite decisive themselves and have their own way of doing things. In particular when they should go to sleep. If… Read More »

Raising Twins or Multiples

Awaiting twins is a double joy. Awaiting multiples is like looking forward to a bundle of joy. But you also need to be more prepared than ever to welcome your new babies into the world, as paying attention to more than one baby is hard. Having more than one baby is hard. It puts additional… Read More »

Baby Behavior Problems

Babies learn from the parents. They even imitate the parents. Therefore, when it comes to behavioral problems, be sure that you are yourself behaving correctly. The next step will be to set firm limits for the baby, as it needs these boundaries for its development. The old cliché is that one parent is stricter than… Read More »

Baby Discipline Techniques

Babies learn from their parents, both good and bad. Most of the time, everything goes right. The teaching about morals is really important. On occasion, things might go wrong though. For these cases, there are certain baby discipline techniques to use. A baby does not always understand when it does something wrong, Maybe it is… Read More »

How to Photograph Your Baby

To photograph a baby is not the easiest thing to do. Your baby is most likely to be curious about other things in the room and not care about the camera. It could be that your baby is hungry or tired. There are many reasons why it can be difficult to take a picture of… Read More »

Playing With Your Baby

Playing with your baby is one of the most stimulating things you can do. Your baby will develop during each play – it will learn to understand rules, morals and develop social skills. You will also have a perfect opportunity to bond with your baby. One of the great advantages with baby play is that… Read More »

Music and Your Baby

Music is a very important trigger for social and emotional development, as well as overall development of the baby’s brain, Baby music can be played even before the baby is born, in order to create bonds with the parents and their life. Not all kinds of music are appropriate for small babies though. And not… Read More »

How to Read a Book to Your Baby

Books are one of the most fabulous things in order to trigger your baby’s development. There is so much fantasy and stimulation in any book that your baby’s curiosity will awake. The classic bedtime reading scenario is most often describes as a romantic and picturesque image of child upbringing. However, there is much thought and… Read More »

Games for Your Baby

There are thousands of baby games and toys available. Everything from board games, to cards, toys and even computer games. Most games have a pedagogic value, but sometimes the best game is still to play hide and seek outside. Baby games trigger the social and emotional development. Hearing voices, use the muscles in the face… Read More »

Travel with Your Baby

A baby is very mobile. It will though need an entire bag full of stuff, in order to make the transition from A to B. Also, there are certain environments that are not healthy for your child. But this should not prevent you from traveling with your baby! Thinking of going for a party trip… Read More »