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When Should My Baby Start Crawling?

Baby crawling is an exciting sport for you and your baby. The baby has now become very mobile and you really need to take care of it, in order to prevent anything dangerous from happening. If you have not childproofed your house, this is the time to do it. Crawling is the pre-stage to walking.… Read More »

When Should My Baby Start Walking?

First, your baby can walk one step or two while you hold it. Then it can take a step on its own. Still unbalanced, but there it is. And soon you child will run around like you have never seen it before. When a baby takes its first step is a great moment and so… Read More »

Your Baby’s Sight

Even though that your baby will open its eyes right after birth, it sights is vastly underdeveloped. In the beginning the baby reacts to light and the absence of light, but it is not until the age of 1 month when the baby can distinguish things. And it takes even longer for the baby to… Read More »

Your Baby’s Hearing

Baby hearing is a special topic. There is a different between hearing and actually only absorbing noise and voices. In the beginning, the baby only reacts to tones. It is only later on that it can understand and comprehend words and meanings. A baby’s ear develops from the time it is born. A baby takes… Read More »

Your Baby’s Teething

If your baby cries a lot at the age of 6-7 months, you might want to check for new teeth. The process is painful, when the teeth are breaking through the gums. Be sure to support your baby, as it does not understand that this is a necessary and temporary stage. Teeth are very important… Read More »

Your Baby’s Weight

One way of measuring a healthy baby is to look at the weight gain. If the baby gains enough weight during its first years, then everything is fine. Be sure to prevent it from becoming obese though. A baby must have proper nutrition to grow and thrive. But sometimes he/she might refuse food and be… Read More »

Baby Grasping and Grabbing

The first time your baby is grasping your thumb you will feel the most remarkable feeling. The baby will be just as excited as you are, as it is equally surprised that it can grasp and grab things. The baby monitor is the ears of the parents, and nowadays even the eyes. Designed as a… Read More »

Emotional Development of Your Baby

Being pregnant, becoming parents and deal with the new life can be very emotional. The same goes for the baby. Further, the baby will also go through a distinctive emotional development in itself. Your baby’s emotional development is a really a lifelong process and it starts the moment that the baby is born. However, you… Read More »

Baby Development Stages

Your baby will go through various stages in its early live. Baby development is predictable, which makes it easy for parents to see if their baby is in the normal range or not. However, each baby is also unique and might not learn various until it is older or actually be a fast learner and… Read More »

When Should My Baby Start Talking

In the beginning, they are just random syllables. And then, then, there is the first precious word. Soon there will be whole sentences and your baby will never stop to talk. It is so fun when your baby has started to say if something so incomprehensible. Baby talking is a much-debated issue. The parents sometimes… Read More »