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How to Change a Diaper

There you are, with your newborn baby and a stinky diaper. The diaper change looks so easy on TV, but you have also heard that new parents, especially fathers cannot handle this situation. Now is your time to prove them all wrong – with a couple of twist you can change any diaper at any… Read More »

Bathing Your Baby

Bathing and washing your baby is necessary for the daily hygiene. How charming this moment with your baby might seem, there are something that you should keep in mind in order to give the baby the best bathing experience possible. A baby bath is fun and easy. All you need some water and a happy… Read More »

Baby Feeding Schedule

Babies like different kind of food. Babies have different kind of allergies. And the parents for the babies might have a preference in types of food and allergies as well. This all need to fit, and therefore the baby feeding schedule works wonders in keeping track of everything the baby has eaten. During the first… Read More »

Bonding With Your Baby

The baby has just come to the world and you are now a parent for perhaps the first time. It is now time to get to know each other, and create a close bond. Sometimes it just happens automatically and sometimes you need to work on it a little. But do not worry – it… Read More »

Feeding Your Baby

Having a baby you need to make sure that is it not hungry. A task that might seem small, but when you are unsure of the feeding time, proportions and other issues around the feeding, things might go wrong. Therefore, it is good to know how often, what and when you should feed your baby.… Read More »

Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in the world. Still, some woman experience difficulties with this issue. It is not uncommon, because in the end it is a slightly weird thing to have someone suckles on your nipples for the first time. This mixed with the anxiety about not being able to provide… Read More »

How to Use a Breast Pump

Women can use breast pumps for various reasons. One could be that you have twins or multiples and need to feed to babies at the same time. The having a bottle of breast milk ready is a good thing. Other reasons can be that you are away during certain times of the day and your… Read More »

Bottle-feeding Your Baby

When you start feeding your baby, you naturally breast-feed it in the beginning. If you’re not able to breast-feed or if you want to share the experience with your spouse, then you can easily bottle-feed the baby instead. Bottle feeding is a very simple thing to do, once both you and the baby are used… Read More »

Solid Feeding Basics

When going from, or complementing with, breastfeeding your next step is solid food. Feeding the baby solid food is not easy in the beginning, but makes life much simpler in the end. It is time to go for solid feeding when your baby shows less and less interest in bottle-feeding or breastfeeding. You need at… Read More »

Homemade Baby Food Tips

Many parents are too afraid to give their baby homemade food. It does not have to be hard though, and you will give your baby all the nutrients necessary. Start off with a mashed banana and end the journey with the most delicious puree that even your baby cannot resist. Buying baby food in the… Read More »