Breastfeeding Tips

By | April 30, 2019

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in the world. Still, some woman experience difficulties with this issue. It is not uncommon, because in the end it is a slightly weird thing to have someone suckles on your nipples for the first time. This mixed with the anxiety about not being able to provide enough milk increased the stress and put more pressure in the new mother.

The most important thing when breastfeeding is to be comfortable. Take your time, do not stress it. Is the room too crowded – move away. Is it too cold – get an extra blanket. Be sure that you are in the right mood before starting to breastfeed.

When seated and ready be sure to use a comfy chair that provides a solid back support for you. You can also lie down; both these positions make it feel more natural for the body to breastfeed.

If you chose to sit down during the breastfeeding procedure, try to get a good and comfortable position for your arm. You can use regular pillows as padding, both to keep your arm supported and to make the position in the chair more comfortable.

To sit or lie right is not only important for you as a mother, it is also important for the baby. It needs to feel comfortable as well, as it might get stressed otherwise and this might lead it to refuse to suckle. Unless you have a good, comfortable back support when you are breastfeeding, it can become really uncomfortable for your baby. The baby is aware of the mother´s body is tense or if it is relaxed.

The most common breastfeeding position is to place pillows behind your back and under the arm for a relaxed position when you are breastfeeding your baby. Your baby´s head shall rest on your hand. And one hand shall support the baby´s thighs or buttocks. The child´s face should be facing your chest so that it is comfortable for her or him.

Let the baby know that it is time to get food, let your nipples touch the baby´s cheek, and then the baby will turn the face towards were the touch came, and the baby will open his/her mouth to eat. Try to feed the baby regular when it is a bit older, as this will help him/her adjust and be more comfortable between meals.

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