Brain Development of Your Baby

By | May 2, 2019

Did you know that a baby’s brain develops from the moment it is inside its mother’s womb? When your baby is 16 weeks old, it reacts with the whole body for emotional impressions. After about 20 weeks, it is responding to sound. And all the time, the baby’s brain is developing alongside all this.

Baby brain development is one of the most natural things in the world. Brain functions are one of the most important things in a living organism. These functions control our minds, such as smell, thoughts and even senses. With no brain control, we are stuck.

When you are pregnant you can see the baby’s brain activity on a radiograph. This activity is, however, limited to the mind and to painful impression. This is normal in baby brain development.

Another interesting fact is that the brain makes up for a total of a tenth of the weight of the baby at birth. It slowly grows as the baby grows, but also develops in a mentally state. For example, when the baby is about 2 month old it can clearly interact with an adult.

For a short period of time, the baby’s ability to mimic stops. Between 1 and 7 month the baby will not make any faces. This is due to the fact het the muscles and brain develop, and need time to coordinate and function together.

At 3 month of age the baby’s brain activity increases. For example, if the mother or the father smiles at the baby, it will automatically start to smile as well. When the parent stops, the baby will stop. Often the baby will try some sort of re-smiling action, such as waving or making guttural sounds.

When the baby is five months, the brain development has progressed so much that the baby makes its first speak-like sounds. The real baby language is first developed when the baby is 18 month old.

At 7-8 months of age so the baby brain development has evolved so much that the baby reacts to people he/she has never met. From being open to anyone, the baby now becomes shy or screams of joy when seeing someone he/she recognizes. The parts of the brain that control emotions are constantly evolving during baby’s first year.

Having the patience and understanding for your children is important to ability to develop their feelings. Play is also key to stimulate the child’s brain. Try to play music as well, as this also strengthens the baby brain development.

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