Bonding With Your Baby

By | May 2, 2019

The baby has just come to the world and you are now a parent for perhaps the first time. It is now time to get to know each other, and create a close bond. Sometimes it just happens automatically and sometimes you need to work on it a little. But do not worry – it will always be good in the end.

For many new parents the love for a newborn baby does not always come as automatically and naturally as you might. Some may think that the love to a baby might be like any other love. But it’s not.

After giving birth and staying in the hospital for a day the new family returns home. All feelings are mixed and especially the mother may feel really tired and worn out. Even if the newborn baby sleeps a lot, it will still be turmoil in the house.

Baby bonding is therefore easiest done through a one on one with each parent. Give your spouse a rest from everything and take care of the baby. Spending time alone together will create strong bonds and make sure that your partner is rested. During the first days, just concentrate everything on eating and sleeping – this goes for the baby as well as the parents. Be also sure to spend time together as a family and to bond together as one. This will make string bonds between the baby and both parents and reinforce the bonds between the parents.

The most natural way to create a bond between a mother and a baby is through breast-feeding. This might feel make the other partner feel excluded, but there are other ways to bond. For one thing, you can attend the breastfeeding. Or you can cuddle with it right afterwards and relieve the mother for a while. Also, you can proudly carry your baby around. When close to your body, the baby will start to recognize your smell and voice (always talk softly to the baby to create stronger bonds) and feel more comfortable. Studies have also shown that babies that are carried around become more independent while other children scream more.

Naming the baby a beautiful name that you like can also be some way to create a bond with your baby. You can also be bonding with your baby by being with it and maybe take a nap together in the bed or the couch and maybe even perhaps in the same bed or in your lap.

Remember that you and your newborn baby will live a life together and that you as parents have a responsibility to make sure that your children grow up in a secure and stable environment. Bonding with the baby is therefore very important.

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