Babysitter Hiring Checklist

By | April 3, 2019

Not all parents have the time to spend every single hour with their baby. And sometimes, you need a break. A free night and someone that takes care of your baby a couple of hours – this is when you need a good babysitter.

A babysitter makes life easy. You will have someone that takes care of your baby whenever you need to be free. That could be once every Wednesday when you know you need to work late. Or it can be one a month for a whole day when you are of for some quality time with your spouse only.

The difficulty is however to find a good babysitter. He or she needs to be trustworthy and take good care of children. Preferably the person should live close by, so that you can come home late and still relief your babysitter without needing to driver her/him somewhere. It should also not be too expensive.

Many students, of both sexes and all ages, try to make some extra money by baby-sit. This is a good opportunity for you to get a reliable person. Your baby should not be too small when given into the hands of a teenager, but if you have younger children this should not be a problem. It is recommended that the person should be at least 14 years old, in order to be responsible enough to look after other children.

To find a person, start by asking around in your neighborhood. Maybe your neighbors next door have a teenager that is interested? Maybe there is a grandmother around the corner that can look after your baby? This is an easy way to start looking for the right person.

Also, ask your friends. They might be able to recommend one person or you might even be able to share a babysitter together. Otherwise, your friends might be able to warn you of if they have encountered babysitters that have not been very good. As a last resort, turn to an agency that uses professional babysitters. This should always be your first priority if your baby is still very young.

There are certain things to keep in mind when actually hiring a babysitter. Be sure to make formal interview in order to get to know the babysitter better. Ask why would she/he want to baby-sit, does he/she have any experience with children and babies or does he/she like babies. What does he/she otherwise (school, university, job) and where does he/she live.

The first time, the new babysitter will take care of your child, be sure evaluate the process together. This will prevent further misunderstandings. Also, take a good look at how the baby reacts to the babysitter. If he/she starts to cry and go away from the babysitter after a couple of times, then you might want to switch. The most important thing is that you and your baby are happy with the babysitter.

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