Baby Toys Buying Guide

By | April 16, 2019

The newborn baby will soon have enough toys that they will last for years. Most babies appreciate the toys; in the beginning maybe not as toys but more for chewing and throwing. Some toys are dangerous for babies though and should be avoided at any time.

Long gone is the idea that baby girls should have pink fluffy stuff and dolls. Baby buys are no longer interested in only dragons, fighters, cars and other action toys. Baby toys are today a more or less gender-free issue and you can buy anything for any baby.

That said, there are other important aspects to keep in mind. Quality is one of them. Buy toys from a known and reputable manufacturer. There are many retailers and you should have a great option. If you are looking for something extra special, try to find toys that are made ecological (the clothes for example) and fair trade (meaning that no children have participated in making that toy for your baby). Presents with this extra thought put into are always more welcomed by the parents.

Also, the toy should be age appropriate. When buying baby toys specifically, try not to overdo it but choose a simple plush toy with no decoration and extras on. Be really sure that there are no small details that the baby can take off and swallow! The toy should not be filled with beads or anything else either, as these will be swallowed once the toy breaks.

Keep in mind that a good toy must be hard and unbreakable (no sharp edges though!) as babies love to chew, throw and destroy toys.

There is nothing wrong in buying toys and games second hand. Be sure to test them and ask for how long they have been used. The quality and safety go before the novelty of a new baby toy.

Tips on baby toys

Mobiles: A typical toy that is hanged above the crib and entertains the baby while it is lying in bed. The mobiles usually move and spin (either electric or, which is often preferred, manually by hand or wind gusts).

Plush toys: For some reason, toys in the shape of an animal are widely preferred by babies all around the world. Make sure that no eye, ear or tail comes off!

Books: Either for reading out loud for the baby or for the baby to point in. This is a great gift if there is more than one child in the family – a book might be enjoyed by the newborn and its older siblings.

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