Baby Stroller Buying Guide

By | April 19, 2019

A baby stroller is the most practical thing in the world. It carries your baby safely and also allows you to do shopping, walking or just hooking up with friends in a café. The stroller is a convenient vehicle for transportation – you can often fit your baby, a couple of grocery bags and the most needed things for the baby.

When you are buying your first baby stroller, there are some things to think about. You have to remember to follow the safety aspect. You may wonder if the baby stroller can handle different weather conditions, if there are weight restrictions, guarantee adequate space for the baby etc. And lastly – the color and ultimate design.

As the stroller is designed to be wheeled around, you need to make sure that it covers almost all surfaces. Check the wheel and ask if the tires are all-weather proof. Be sure there are good springs or the ride will indeed be bumpy for the baby. Remember that your stroller has to be able to function in heat, rain, snow, gravel and any other condition.

If you live in an urban place, you might want to travel on a bus, tram or train with the baby stroller. Be sure to ask when it is foldable or can be made smaller. This is an important part, as the stroller might irritate other people if it is in the way. You might also want to fit your chosen baby stroller into the trunk of a car.

Check the weight of the baby stroller as well. If you travel a lot, than you do not want to carry unnecessary weight around. The same goes if you happen to live on the second floor.

The baby stroller can be bought before the baby is born. Surf the web, talk to friends and visit the stores and choose one that you really like. There are some different types of strollers, all with advantages and downsides, depending on your needs.

– Sleepers, which is a stroller where the baby is lying down. This can also serve as a resting place for the baby and normally has adequate space for baby and cargo.

– Dual-stroller, which is a stroller that you can change so that the child can both sit and lie. This is a good option if you want to avoid buying a new stroller when it is time for the child to sit.

– Multi-purpose stroller, which is designed so that you can take of some of the pieces. Comes very handy if you live in a house with many stairs.

– Three-wheeler, is simply a stroller with three wheels, one rear and two in the front. This is the typical baby jogger or urban stroller. Gives much flexibility.

– Twin stroller, a baby stroller with space for two babies. Very practical when you have twins or multiples.

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